Allemansrätten in Blekinge - The right of public access

In Sweden, we have an unique right to walk freely in nature thanks to Allemansrätten. The Swedish outdoors is open to all, whether you live in or just visiting our country.

In Blekinge, we want more people to enjoy nature and to practice activities, sports and outdoor life. Allemansrätten can be applied to many situations with many interests to be considered.

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Focus areas


You have to show consideration for animals and other people in nature. Be extra careful during the early summer, as birds are hedging and wildlife is sensitive.

Protected areas

In protected areas such as national parks and nature reserves there are special rules designed to protect valuable natural and cultural features. Some rules restrict the Right of Public Access, others expand it.


All littering is prohibited. If there are trash cans you can of course throw your trash there. If it’s full, it’s better to bring your garbage home home, or the risk of wind or birds and other animals spreading the rubbish is great. Dig a pit if you need to meet your needs.


It is important that you choose a place for your campfire where there is no risk of it spreading or causing damage to soil and vegetation. Gravel or sandy ground is best. Do not build a fire on or next to rock! The heat will crack the rock.

Biking and vehicles

You may cycle across country and on private roads. However, be sure not to ride across the grounds of a house, on cultivated land or on ground that is easily damaged. Off road driving with motor vehicle is prohibited.

Swimming and boating

You can swim and sail almost anywhere, moor your boat and spend a night or two on board. The same rules for consideration of your surroundings apply as on land: don’t disturb – don’t destroy!


You may pitch your tent for a night or two in the countryside as long as you don’t disturb the landowner or cause damage to nature. Large groups must obtain the landowner´s permission.

Hunting and Fishing

Special rules apply for hunting and fishing. Fishing is allowed almost everywhere but you will often need  a fishing licence. There may also be restrictions on how small fish you may catch and some species are completely protected.


Dogs are of course welcome in the countryside. However, dog owners must observe strict rules in order to protect wildlife. Between 1 March and 20 August dogs must not be allowed to run loose in the countryside.

Plants, mushrooms and berries

You are free to pick flowers, berries and mushrooms in the countryside. But keep in mind that some plants are protected, meaning that they must not be picked. Special rules apply in protected areas, for example national parks and nature reserves.

Horse riding

You can ride freely in the countryside but choose your path carefully and avoid soft ground to prevent damage. You must obtain the landowner’s permission before arranging organised or regular horse riding events on their land.

Cattle and gates

You can pass through a gate or over a fence to reach the land where Allemansrätten applies. Keep in mind that you enter at your own risk and do not forget to close the gate after you.